Why TaskTask?

If you need an MYN compatible app for your iPad or iPhone, and if you use Exchange with Outlook, then get TaskTask.

It's a third-party app (by Ryan Greg LLC) that works with Outlook Exchange and the 1MTD or MYN tasks systems. Using TaskTask, you can take your 1MTD and MYN tasks on the road.

For iOS, there are two versions, TaskTask (for the iPhone) and TaskTask HD (for the iPad).

You can buy TaskTask off the Apple's App Store (it's about 5 bucks) and then activate it for MYN per the instruction links below.

Links for Configuring TaskTask for MYN

TaskTask needs to be configured for MYN per the instruction links below.

Activating the TaskTask iOS App (iPhone and iPad) for MYN

Next Steps

You may want to learn more about using MYN. You can learn the MYN system by reading the book listed above left, or by taking a seminar or webinar offered by Michael Linenberger. To see how to implement MYN in other software and on your smartphone or tablet, see the Software page.