1MTD: The One Minute To-Do List
("it's simple")

1MTD stand for The One Minute To-Do List, and is a simple to-do list system that really works to get your workday and life under control. This approach is thoroughly taught in the book of the same name: The One Minute To-Do List. The 1MTD system is designed for people who want a quick way to dig out of an overloaded world.

  • 1MTD can be started in minutes, and you can learn the full system in well under an hour.
  • 1MTD can be done on paper, in MS Word, Outlook, ToodleDo, or in other software, even on mobile devices.
  • No complicated software setup.
  • 1MTD identifies three simple “urgency zones” that guide activities; use them to quickly lower your stress.
  • 1MTD uses very simple rules for managing to-dos.
  • It introduces e-mail control by converting e-mails to tasks.
  • 1MTD is a fantastic solution for those that have failed at to-do list systems in the past.
  • You can learn only 1MTD and stop there if you like, or later advance on to MYN.


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Or Get the 1MTD Outlook Video Training

  • Going well beyond the book, learn how to implement the One Minute To-Do List in Windows Outlook 2013 and 2016.
  • Includes 12 video segments and a PDF copy of Edition 2 of the 1MTD book.

Or Get the 1MTD Microsoft To-Do Video Training

  • Going well beyond the book, learn how to implement the One Minute To-Do List in Microsoft's latest to-do list app, called Microsoft To-Do.
  • Includes 18 video segments and a PDF copy of Edition 2 of the 1MTD book.

It continues to amaze me how 1MTD has kept me organized and on track with all the crazy multiple tasks/frequent distractions that happen in an open-area customer service zone. I’m not constantly worried about tasks that fall through the cracks because they just don’t.


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MYN: Master Your Now ("it's the full solution")

MYN stands for Master Your Workday Now, or "Master Your Now" for short. It is a powerful to-do list and e-mail management system that builds on 1MTD and extends it to control much higher volumes of e-mail and tasks. It's at the heart of Michael Linenberger's book Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook.

  • MYN is for very busy people with demanding workloads who are willing to study a bit more.
  • MYN Builds on 1MTD, but adds much more.
  • MYN adds features to track high volumes of tasks; if you manage more than 100 tasks at a time, you need MYN.
  • MYN is Start Date driven. This dramatically improves your handling of high task volumes.
  • With Start Dates you can create follow-up tasks to track things you are waiting for, and can defer tasks till ready.
  • Requires either desktop Outlook or the free software called ToodledDo; the latter runs on PCs, Macs, more.
  • The MYN training shows you how to empty your in-box daily—it truly solves your in-box overload!
  • MYN training includes all the 1MTD material; no need to start with 1MTD (but you can if you like).

MYN Next Step: Get Some Training

  • MYN is introduced at the end of the book The One Minute To-Do List, so you can start there. But for more complete solutions, take one of Michael's complete trainings:
  • Consider the individual self-study Windows Outlook video training described below and also described here.
  • For non-Outlook training see the Full-MYN Toodledo Video Class (second item below).
  • As a company, invite Michael on site to train your employees, or organize a custom webinar. Contact our office.
  • See our full list of current Outlook training opportunities here.

The MYN-Outlook Complete Video Training

  • Do you use Outlook? Do you want to have Lineneberger's complete Outlook-based Master Your Now (MYN) system delivered to you in video format? Then look no further. This class goes well beyond the 1MTD book, teaching you a complete soltuion to workday control.
  • Includes 36 video segments and a PDF copy of Michael's #1 bestselling Outlook Book.

Full-MYN Toodledo Video Training

  • If you don't use Outlook for tasks this is the answer for you. Do you want to have Lineneberger's complete Master Your Now (MYN) system using Toodledo delivered to you in video format? This class goes well beyond the 1MTD book, teaching you a complete solution to workday control using Toodledo as your task software.
  • Includes 34 video segments.

I'd tried other methodologies to master email overload and they fell short. Top down approaches just don't work. Michael's methodology is easy to understand and apply. It provides "stress relief" immediately. With practice, results continue to improve.

Jerry Capute Vice President of Business Systems Tactical Propulsion and Controls

I just had to let you know after struggling for a very long time with various GTD scenarios with MS Outlook, you have managed in minutes of the "MYN Quick Start" section, not only to let me take control but use a system that TOTALLY works for me. I am on Lesson 6 and look forward to finishing all the lessons.

Many thanks, David