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Getting Back to Work!

September often represents a refocusing of work efforts as you, your clients, or coworkers return from vacations or a relaxed summer season. Assuming you are now rested and want to get focused again on getting ahead at work, here are some suggestions to do that.


Set Some Goals for This Fall
Take ten minutes and set some goals for this fall. I like to set goals with seasonal time frames (fall, winter, spring, summer) because those periods often line up well with personal and business cycles. Fall is an especially good time as it allows you to concentrate on wrapping up the year. For fresh ideas on how to set and achieve your goals, see my write up here.

Start Using a Good To-Do List
If you are not using an effective to-do list every day, get started now by learning my One Minute To-Do List (1MTD). It’s very simple and very powerful. It will get your busy day under control. Here’s a 60-second 1MTD getting started guide.

Advance to the MYN System
If you’re using the One Minute To-Do List but you are juggling more than 100 tasks—or if your e-mail inbox is out of control, advance to my Master Your Now! (MYN) system. It takes a larger time investment to learn it (compared to 1MTD), but now might be the right time for you to do that. See 3 Steps for Getting Started with MYN.

Edition 4 of Outlook Book Hits Bookstores in October

After a hard push to finalize the editing, we just sent Edition 4 of my Outlook book (Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook) off to the printers. It will arrive in bookstores in early October. Nearly 30% of it is new material, and every page has been improved. Read more here.


Other News/Recent Articles

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