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Good Mail Apps for iPhone & Android, for MYN & 1MTD

As you know, I have two primary recommendations in MYN and 1MTD for keeping e-mail under control:

  1. Convert action e-mails into tasks.
  2. Empty your inbox daily into a single folder (for speed) and assign Categories in Outlook to replace multiple folders.

How do you do that on your smartphone? Unfortunately, none of the native mail apps on either iOS and Android have the ability to convert e-mails to tasks or assign categories. Nor does Microsoft’s own smartphone app called Outlook, which is surprising.

But there’s a third-party iPhone app called TouchDown that can do these functions, and an Android app of the same name also with those functions. MYN and 1MTD users should consider these e-mail apps.

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Common Start Date Misunderstanding in MYN

The main difference between the two task systems I teach: the MYN system and the One Minute To-Do List system (1MTD), is that MYN uses start dates on all tasks. This use of start dates in MYN leads to a ton of advantages such as keeping your visible list shorter, setting follow-up tasks, and using Defer-to-Review to keep your low priority (Over-the-Horizon) list well under control. It makes MYN a much more powerful system and one capable of handling an unlimited number of tasks.

But again and again as I teach MYN in person, I see an initial “misunderstanding” crop up about how to set start dates, and I want to cover the solution to that misunderstanding here in case it affects you. Here is how this problem usually shows up:

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Continuing UI Changes in Toodledo

The Toodledo web application is undergoing major User Interface (UI) changes, all of them good in my opinion. They are rolling those changes out in stages, and the latest changes were released a few days ago and described here:

The Toodledo team still has more UI changes that they plan to make in the weeks ahead.

Once the UI changes have settled down, we are going to update the Toodledo MYN and 1MTD video classes to reflect them. So we recommend you hold off on serious Toodledo study until those changes settle down.