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Amazon Reviews of 4th Editions

"Have been drowning in emails forever. Finally found a system that doesn't let to dos turn into major forest fires that just take me more time later. "

MajJohnsonon November 2, 2016

"If you're being "run over" by email and To Do lists in your work, this is a great guide to help you being to do change your ways... "

O. A. Scofieldon March 27, 2016

"Just plain good stuff. This is a systematic and straight forward way of keeping your schedule under control. I particularly like the way parts of the process can be used. I've purchased copies for the entire staff. "

Robert O. Feb. 16, 2014

"This is a book that literally "changed my life." I know that sounds trite, or like a cliche, but it is absolutely true. If you are a "knowledge worker" who uses Microsoft Outlook, you should absolutely buy this book. I guarantee you will benefit from it. "

Tom N. Nov. 6, 2013

"Like many folks today, I was drowning in email. this gave me a method to get my head above water and keep my inbasket at a managable size (right now I have 8 emails in my in basket) instead of the hundreds of mails that contain either action items or information that I would or might need.
Everyone I have told about it has also found it valuable and they are also passing the word around."

Diane K. July 8, 2013

"Incredible book! Well worth the price! I highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling keeping their workday under control and their Microsoft outlook email under control."

Tonya K. June 25, 2013

"Linenberger has done it - created a workable system to clear the Outlook inbox and organize your day. His system powers Outlook using tasks for most things, instead of calendar appointments, and eliminates the guilt-inducing nagging to which the default task system resorts."

Frank H. May 29, 2013

I'd tried other methodologies to master email overload and they fell short. Top down approaches just don't work. Michael's methodology is easy to understand and apply. It provides "stress relief" immediately. With practice, results continue to improve.

Jerry Capute Vice President of Business Systems Tactical Propulsion and Controls

Why you want
this book

To go beyond the basic One Minute To-Do List in Outlook, you'll want to learn Michael Linenberger's Master Your Now (MYN) system. This Book teaches you how to use MYN with Outlook so you can manage hundreds of tasks and conquer the busiest workday.

The #1 Best-Selling Outlook Book

  • This book through all its editions has been the #1 best-selling Outlook book for 9 years! Updated May 2017 to cover Outlook 365 (Outlook 2016, Windows and Mac; Outlook 2013 Windows) and Michael's latest thinking.
  • It provides powerful methods of filing and finding e-mail—an overloaded inbox will be a thing of the past!
  • You'll learn how to get control of your workday by learning a simple yet powerful method of task management, in Outlook.

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The Book is Set Up for Self-Study

  • The book is set up in a lesson format and designed for your self-study. You'll learn the complete MYN system at your own pace, at the depth you want.
  • You'll learn a full range of techniques, suitable for the beginner or expert Outlook user.

Wanted to say thanks for Total Workday Control. What a helpful, clear and powerful book! I work in a school environment and receive a huge number of emails every day. I’ve never reached the bottom of my Inbox before, but thanks to your MYN system, it’s empty! I know that sounds like a corny testimonial, but it’s actually true!

Jeremy Thewlis, June 2014

Study a Little, or a Lot: Your Choice

  • The book begins with a 5-page Quick Start that gets you up and running in a few minutes.
  • Advance to only the first hundred pages, and you'll have the extra power of MYN added to your routine.
  • When you have time, study the advanced sections for in-depth tips and techniques in Outlook. The book is over 400 pages long with lots of optional material.

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I just love Michael Linenberger's methods for controlling the inbox chaos. I had been overwhelmed by all the incoming email that was clogging my system and preventing me from seeing what was really important. Mr. Linenberger's step by step process helped me focus on what was most important and get to an empty inbox. Tasks are now completed quickly and efficiently. I stopped "losing" messages and important "to do's". I have implemented the methods lined out in Total Workday Control both at work and at home. I must say it has really lifted a weight off my shoulders.

Cathy, September 2013