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See My Book: The One Minute To-Do List for instructions (and links to videos) on how to use Toodledo


Toodledo is my recommended solution if you cannot use Outlook

iPhoneIf you cannot use Outlook on a PC, try Toodledo to manage your tasks. It runs on PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and smartphones. And it can easily be configured to match my task management system. To learn how to use it with my full MYN system, see this class. To get started on a less powerful but simpler solution, see my book The One Minute to Do List which highlights how to use Toodledo with 1MTD. You can get a free PDF copy of that book--it includes links to free videos that show you how to use Toodledo using the simple 1MTD configurations. Or, if you are already an experienced MYN user, Create a free MYN Toodledo account now.

I recommend Toodledo over Outlook for the Mac (for Tasks)

If you use a Mac, while Outlook Mac is the way to go for e-mail, calendar, and contacts, it is not the best solution for Tasks (see more)

Take my video training class on using Toodledo with MYN

If you want to learn the complete MYN System using Toodledo, take my 34-lesson video class that will get you up and running. (Learn more here)

Comes Preconfigured for MYN

If you are already proficient at my more advanced MYN material, note that a special version of Toodledo is easily accessed that contains all the MYN configurations built in! The best way to learn this is to read up through Chapter 9 of The One Minute to Do List (again, get a free PDF copy of that book). It tells you how to activate the Toodledo settings and use them. Or, if already proficient at MYN, you can follow the instructions on my website (see more).

Once you activate the MYN settings, you will see the layout shown below (click on the figure to enlarge it).


In Toodledo you can convert e-mails to tasks from ANY e-mail system

If you've read my books, you know my #1 recommendation for managing e-mail is to convert action e-mails into tasks, and then to manage those tasks in a good task manager. With Toodledo, you can do that from any e-mail system.

Toodledo Runs on Many Mobile Devices

Why Toodledo Is the Way to Go

Read my new book The One Minute To-Do List to Learn more about Toodledo (get a free PDF copy of the book at that link). Or, take my Full-MYN Toodledo Video Class. Or, follow website instructions at this link to jump into the more advanced MYN settings.