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Toodledo as an Alternative to Outlook for Tasks?

Right at this moment I’m reviewing my Toodledo task list and updating it for today’s tasks. I find that on average Toodledo is as good or even better than Outlook for managing all my tasks. So should you use it instead of Outlook?

Here’s why Toodledo can be better than Outlook for MYN tasks:

  • It handles due dates correctly, unlike Outlook tasks.
  • It’s much easier to set it up for my MYN task system than Outlook is, so new users can get started a lot quicker.
  • It has better mobile support than Outlook tasks.
  • It works much better on Macintosh than the Mac version of Outlook for tasks.
  • It works with ALL email systems: Gmail, Mac Mail, Outlook, Yahoo, and more.
  • And it’s free.

Over the years I’ve been alternating between Outlook tasks and Toodledo tasks. I switched back to using Toodledo exclusively about nine months ago because I was updating my Toodledo paid video training (which is now up-to-date for the latest version of Toodledo). Every time I use Toodledo I am reminded what a great software package it is.

A Quick Overview of Toodledo and MYN

The makers of Toodledo just released a quick overview of using Toodledo with my MYN system. If you’re new to Toodledo, you might want to look at that overview now. Just go to this link. Or click on the image above for a graphical overview they created.

Video Class on MYN and Toodledo

And if you want to learn in detail how to use Toodledo with my MYN system, I just updated the videos in my paid Toodledo class to match the latest version of Toodledo. You can learn more about those videos at this link. Note, we’ve just lowered the price of that video class by $50.

Get Started Quickly by Using 1MTD

By the way, if you are using my simpler One Minute To-Do List system (1MTD), or if you’re not using any system at all, then the easiest way to get started with Toodledo is to scan my short book called The One Minute To-Do List. You can download a free PDF copy of that book at this link.

Outlook or Toodledo?

Now granted, Outlook may still be your best choice for tasks. For example, Windows Outlook's way of converting Outlook emails to Outlook tasks is more convenient. The overall integration of Windows Outlook tasks with Outlook's other modules is hard to beat. Furthermore, for corporate users it is often better to keep everything on the same Exchange/Outlook server, including your tasks. And the new add-in software now makes MYN setup in Outlook a snap. So using Windows Outlook for tasks may still be best for you.

But if you have reasons for not using Windows Outlook for tasks (maybe you don’t own Windows Outlook, or maybe you only have the Macintosh Outlook version, or maybe you are a Gmail user, or maybe you have diverse mobile needs), then consider using Toodledo as the software to manage all your tasks. It’s a great system.