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Michael’s New Outlook Book In Stores Now!

Edition 4 of Michael’s book Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook just hit the stores. You can find the paperback version on Amazon and B&N, and at most of the other usual places you buy books. However, note that the e-book version (Kindle, Nook, etc.) of this edition has been delayed 3 to 4 weeks (more on that below).


For Those New to this Book

This longstanding #1 best-selling Outlook book (edition 3 has over one-hundred 5-star ratings on Amazon) teaches you Michael’s complete MYN system of task and e-mail management in Microsoft Outlook. Windows Outlook is the platform of choice for MYN---it's where MYN started seven years ago and Outlook continues to be the most robust way to use MYN. Everything about MYN-Outlook is here in this book. It’s presented in lesson format, giving you 416 pages of lessons and tips; that's well beyond even Michael’s full-day corporate classes or his online video classes. If you have been using the simpler One Minute To-Do List on Outlook, and are ready to upgrade to the more powerful MYN-Outlook system, get this book now.

For Those Who Have an Earlier Edition of this Book

The changes in the new edition are listed here. But briefly here's what's new: Updated Outlook version support, lots of new Outlook and time, task and e-mail management material, and improvements to nearly all parts of the book. Version-wise, Michael added Outlook 2013 support and removed version 2003 coverage (the book now supports 2007, 2010, 2013, and Mac 2011).

The changes throughout capture Michael’s latest thoughts and experiences from working with the latest technology and from working with thousands of users and businesses, all to help you get control of your tasks and e-mail. As a result, the book is better than ever. Even if you’ve taken one of Michael’s full MYN courses, you’ll find lots of new insights in this latest edition.

Where to Buy the Book

Buy the book on Amazon or B&N or in your local bookstores. Note: we are no longer selling and shipping printed books directly on our own website, but you can contact us about bulk orders. And sorry, there is no book “upgrade” price for owners of the previous book (yes, people are asking that!). However, if all you want to do is tweak your MYN settings for the new Outlook 2013, see this link for some notes on how to do that.

Excerpt from the Book: The MYN-Outlook Flow Chart

There are so many new things in the book. One thing to show now is an updated version of Michael’s MYN-Outlook Flow Chart (it’s also taught in the video course). See the overall chart and a brief excerpt.

About the E-book Delay

Our apologies for the delay in releasing the e-book version (Kindle, Nook, etc.) of this 4th edition. Creating it has taken much longer than expected. Reason: we wanted to do a much better job than most e-book creators do (and better than our previous e-book did). E-books can be done well or very poorly. Frankly, we were embarrassed by our very first e-book version years ago and we won’t let that happen again. In fact, this time we’re doing everything we can to make it exceptional. That includes having a linked index; having links for all internal references; presenting higher quality images and color for color readers; having superior formatting to ensure accurate text flow and sizing for various readers; and much more. Doing that is hard work and taking longer than expected. We anticipate another 3 to 4 weeks before it's done. We’ll announce it in the newsletter. (Note: the current Nook version link on the B&N 4th edition page is linked to the older 3rd edition; please wait until we announce the new one.)

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