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Sorting Out Microsoft's Latest Office Suites

With the recent release of the “new” Office Online, there are now three current Windows Office suites (the other two being Office 365 and Office 2013). You may be wondering which Windows Office suite you should use for general day-to-day productivity.

Office Suites

Adding to this confusion are the different versions of Outlook, including the relatively new—is that really Outlook? Does it work with the MYN system?

You may also wonder what the different cloud capabilities of each suite are—for example, is Office Online just the online version of Office 365, or is it more?

In this in-depth article I am going to sort out the various Office and Outlook products so you can make better choices. This article is a bit long, but if you are confused about these products and are thinking about using one or more, investing ten minutes right now to read this is worth it.

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Toodledo's New Android App

A new app has been released by Toodledo for use on Android devices, and it works very well with 1MTD and MYN. Obviously it syncs with your Internet-based Toodledo account.

Recall, Toodledo is the tasks app I recommend you use if you can't or don't want to use Outlook to manage tasks.

tomorrows tasks

In this article I describe the app briefly, and show you how to configure it for 1MTD and MYN.

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