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Outlook Tip: Speed Up Navigation

Here is a tip that works with all versions of Windows Outlook, but that is especially useful for Outlook 2013 and 2016. It is to add a set of quick-navigation buttons to the top left portion of the Outlook window.

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When you click on one of these new icons shown above, it takes you to the corresponding main Outlook module, just like the default buttons at the bottom, but it avoids the Peek popup window that so many dislike in Outlook 2013 and 2016!

Another advantage (that applies to all Windows Outlook versions) is these buttons sit right above the ribbon menus where your mouse is often hovering anyway when looking for other commands.

So for both reasons, these can be faster to use than the button set at the bottom left.

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How to Use the Start Date in MYN

Perhaps the most powerful and unique thing about the MYN task system is the way it uses start dates to schedule tasks and to sort tasks. The use of start dates is what separates MYN from my simpler 1MTD system, and from virtually every other task system out there. It’s what makes MYN so effective.

But sometimes people get confused about how best to use start dates in MYN. So I want to talk about the right way to use them, so that you can get nimble with them and really get control of your workday.

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