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Another Cloud Solution for Outlook Desktop Users:

I’ve been recommending Exchange Server for quite a while for 1MTD and MYN Outlook tasks users to store your tasks in the cloud. But if you are an Outlook Desktop user without Exchange, there seems no easy way to go mobile with Outlook tasks.

Office Suites

Well, it turns out there is an MYN suitable task server for Outlook desktop users that can serve your Outlook tasks into the cloud. That server is the free

Yes, the lowly tasks module built into the Calendar portion of can actually be used to store MYN tasks in the cloud, similar to Exchange, and it works with the current Outlook desktop application for a full range of 1MTD and MYN task functions.

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New Low-Fee Coaching/Consult with Michael

We recently rolled out a new low-fee coaching and consulting plan with me. In the past I’ve charged quite a bit for one-on-one coaching/consulting, but I want to let others give this a shot, so you can now find a limited number of coaching slots at $75 (for approximately one hour).

If demand is too high I’ll raise the price, so grab these slots while available. Online reservations only please (don’t call). To learn more, and to see how to reserve a slot, click below:

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Try the Workday Mastery Pyramid

The Workday Mastery Pyramid can help you find success and satisfaction in your life’s work. It’s a structure that I developed for my 2010 book Master Your Workday Now, and while I don’t write about the pyramid as much these days, it really is at the basis of everything I teach, and so it is very much worth learning about.

The pyramid identifies three levels and styles of activity you need to apply to your work to be successful. Most failures in work come from trying to use the wrong tools for the wrong jobs, and applying Workday Mastery Pyramid principles helps solve those problems. In this article I explain the pyramid and how you can use it to help you succeed in work and life.

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